Our Story

We are in love with the exquisite Niagara Escarpment lands that roll across Mulmur, Melancthon, and Mono Townships. We grew up here and have family roots dating back six generations to the original settlers of this area. We have since traveled to find that this Pine River Valley is our centre of the universe, right in the middle of nowhere; we believe it to be one of the most beautiful and idyllic places on earth. We thrive on being perfectly situated between all that Toronto and Collingwood has to offer while enjoying a remote rural lifestyle in the heart of a strong community.

When we built our dream home through the complete remodeling of a century mill and historic property (pictured above in the 1930’s), we learned first hand of the many challenges that come with building your personal paradise in the country.

With all the spectacular hiking, skiing, fishing, swimming, riding, eating, sightseeing and relaxing to be done in this world class agricultural and Unesco Biosphere Reserve escarpment countryside, we offer our support for the work and time it takes to develop and sustain a country home and property.

We love to share what we’ve learned and who we know with the special people that share our love for this beautiful area and the exceptional lifestyle it provides, if, of course, one has the time to slow down and enjoy it
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